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  • The Bluetooth RF Integration Test System (BRITS-R and BRITS-A) is designed to test and certify all of the Bluetooth V2.1+EDR/3.0/4.0/BT5 test cases for the various Bluetooth modules and products according to the Bluetooth Test Specifications and Bluetooth RF-PHY Test Specifications.
  • The BRITS uses five configurable test architectures to categorize and speed up the test of the test cases sequentially. Each test-architecture typically contains a common PC server with self–designing software to control the tester, along with any additional commercial equipment such as spectrum analyzers or analogue/vector signal generators, and to execute the required test and measure the result.
  • When any specific test is complete, the customer can read the corresponding test result through remote access.
  • BRITS can set up flexible test configurations (EUT parameters, test mode-loop back or TX mode, Direct test mode ,RF path compensation, power class, pass/fail judgment, etc.) through user-friendly Windows interface and satisfy different vendor BT chips/modules test requirements.
  • The BRITS is furnished with a temperature chamber and DC power supply, which meets any power, temperature and communication regulatory test condition the EUT (Equipment Under Test) can tolerate.
  • The BRITS shall realize automatic testing, IXIT(Implementation eXtra Information for Testing) handling and automatic report generation with an Matrix Box (with RF switches, etc.)
  Hardware Architecture

The system includes four equipment: Bluetooth Tester, Signal Analyzer, VSG and ASG. It also has a Matrix Box to integrate all paths for automatic test. Bluetooth Tester communicates with EUT. Signal Analyzer measures the spectrum power. VSG and ASG generate modulated and CW interference signals.

  User Interface

BRITS system can set system parameters, for examples, test environment is normal or extreme. It can save each test case setting parameters and load them for next test. The test cases are all listed for user to select. Each test case user can modify its parameters such as test configuration table. When testing, it will show test log in the message box. The report will be created when finishing testing.
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